I love the challenge of designing and creating custom artworks,
so please contact me if you are looking for something special.


The design concept can be anything you like – a specific animal, plant, scene or even abstract – perhaps inspired by photos you have or from my existing work. Alternatively, it can be something completely new. I always love a challenge!

If the mosaic is to complement an existing interior design, it is always helpful to supply photographs of the room to help with sizing and colour selection, as well as to give me an idea about individual taste and style.

If the mosaic will be on a veranda or in a garden, photos of the area and existing planting or garden are very helpful so that the mosaic will fit well within the setting.

After discussing design concepts, materials, size, shape and any special considerations, I will draw up a design (or several if necessary) and provide an estimate of the cost and expected time frame.

Once a design has been chosen and the work has started, I will keep you updated with photos of the progress by email. I will also send you photos of the artwork to review once it is complete.